Octal to Hexadecimal

Convert octal number to hexadecimal


Enter one or more octal numbers, each on new line and convert it to hexadecimal number.

How to use the Octal to Hexadecimal converter?

  1. Enter octal number in the input field.
  2. Click on Convert to Hex button.

What is an Octal number?

Octal number comes from the octal numeral system consisting of 8 numbers, from 0 to 7, making them a Base-8 numbering system.

Octal to hexadecimal conversion

To convert from Octal to Hexadecimal number, we need to use intermediate base. In this case we will use Base-2 (Binary) as intermediate base, meaning we need to convert first from Octal to Binary and then Binary to Hexadecimal.

Let's try to convert the Octal number 52. As we said, we need to convert it to binary number first:

5 = 101
2 = 010

Now, we will take the binary result 101010 and split it in a group of four bits, resulting in 10 and 1010. Since the first number has only 2 bits, we need to paddle it with 0's to get a 4 bits e.g 0010.

Next comes the conversion to Hexadecimal:

0010 = 2
1010 = A

As result we got the number 2A. Now in order to check if the conversion is correct, input the number 52 in the tool above and click on Conver to Hex.

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